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What’s Happening in Dundee

Christmas brought great cheer to Cameron Winery. Arthur Weber was presented with Sheena the Wonder Doll for those long nights when Vivian is away. Arthur exited the winery without Vivian (Sheena under one arm) shortly thereafter to make sure that his house wasn’t burning down. Bill Hatcher, ever attempting to establish a high profile for Domaine Drouhin, consumed an entire bottle of Pink Andre. When asked to comment on the quality of the wine thereafter, Bill was speechless. We can only assume that he was astounded at the quality of the product.

John Thomas’ new winery in the Dundee Hills seems to be proceeding on schedule:

Year 1: Excavate the site and dig the footing;

Year 2: Redig the footing after winter rains;

Year 3: Redig the footing after winter rains-,

Year 4: Redig the footing after winter rains and (!!!) pour the footing and walls. John says completion of the facility is imminent.

Teri has announced that she can no longer bottle at Cameron Winery. This is due to her discovery that she has a “Ying” personality which is incompatible with the “Ying” nature of the warehouse. Deb Hatcher was completely sympathetic and asked if Teri might want a radar detector to scan for errant microwaves lurking between Dundee and Portland. While the crew at Cameron will miss Teri’s dirty jokes, they wish her the best in her new found avocation of herbal witchcraft.

Enrique and Carmenmiranda returned from their winter sojourn to Brazil. It is expected that they will once again take up housekeeping above the front door.

Cameron Winery has hired a new cat to be in charge of rodent control and visitor information. “Tilly” is quite happy with the arrangement; she claims that Cameron Pinot noir is the perfect accompaniment to mice tar tar, while the yeastiness of the Chardonnay goes well with Science Diet Kitty Kibble.

Up at Lange Winery it has been reported that one poor sap, after tasting the product, asked when the Pinot would be ready. Wendy replied, “Ask Don, he’s the one with the crystal balls.” Other questions which might be directed at Wendy include: When will your Pinots lose their hardness? or Which foods do your Pinots stand up to? or, more directly: Do your Pinots stand up to oysters?

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