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Once a year, we get together and drink too much. We then attempt to create some form of communication with the outside world. Why, here’s the latest one of them now:
Cameron Winery: The Cave of Fermented Dreams (by Matt Giraud)

But perhaps that’s not enough. Perhaps you crave… more! Well, it is our pleasure to deliver:

Cameron Winery: Vinfolk (by Matt Giraud)

… or for something completely different, you might try:

Cameron Winery: A Year in the Making (by Jeremy Fenske)

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Recent Newsletters

Cameron makes it big (2021)

[our November 2021 e-newsletter]

Dear Cameron Winery Enthusiast,

You know how important marketing is to a winery. We certainly do, as you can tell from the flood of one newsletter we create every year (psst: […]

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The Cave of Fermented Dreams (2019)

In a not-so-remote valley in Northern Oregon, four intrepid explorers discovered a hidden treasure…

There’s More... >
Vinfolk (2015)

On a sunlit day in September, the Cameron Winery Vinfolk gathered in our bucolic vineyard to share stories, break bread and explore the nuances of Pinot noir…

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