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Situated in the Dundee Hills, this winery is worth a journey, but only on selected days (the caretaker and his family are known to be suitably hostile to visitors who arrive on the wrong day). In Spring, a notable fest occurs on MAY DAY WEEKEND, the first weekend in May, from noon to 5 Pm. As an example, the following event is scheduled for May 4 – 5, 1991:

Cameron will be introducing several new wines to the public at this time. Some are in limited supply and may be available only on this weekend. Local food purveyor, Ron Bronlewee of Cheshire Cat in Portland, will be sampling and selling pate and cheese to go with the wines.

1990 PINOT BLANC. – The third vintage of this new Oregon varietal and one which shows beautiful apply aromas; this year they managed to produce a whopping 85 cases. Tastes will be sold accompanied with a grilled prawn to demonstrate the adaptiveness of this varietal with seafood .             $11.00/bottle

1989 CHARDONNAY. – Emanating principally from Weber and Dundee Hills Vineyards and receiving one full year in French oak on the yeast lees (sediment), this is typical Cameron Chardonnay with bready aromas and a rich, full mouth $13.00/bottle

NV CHARDONNAY. – This year’s nonvintage Chardonnay has approximately 35% ’89 vintage fruit and the balance from 1990. It has pretty fruit aromas and a full mouth. You can’t beat it for the price .             $ 7.50/bottle

1989 PINOT NOIR. – Another exceptional vintage from unexceptional yields (less than 1.5 tons per acre); this wine emanates from Abbey Ridge and Weber Vineyards. It received 16 months in French oak barrels before being carefully racked and bottled without filtration. This wine has pretty aromas of cherry, anise and spice somewhat reminiscent of Cameron 1988 Pinot noir but with a bit more stuffing in the mouth             $13.00/bottle

1988 PINOT NOIR RESERVE. – Just released to the trade, this wine was featured in a pre-release to the public at Thanksgiving. Approaching 1 year in the bottle, it is starting to sing for a supper. One of Cameron’s best, it displays very concentrated fruit and an uncharacteristic soft finish             $19.00/bottle

NOTE: Since the winery is also open to the (gasp) General Public on this weekend, please present this tourist guide to anyone who looks like they may be in charge so that you won’t be charged!

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