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2022 White Oak Cidre label

2022 White Oak Cidre

2022 was a late and small vintage for cider apples. However, the multiple old clones of European varieties at White Oak Vineyard responded beautifully…

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2022 Ramato of Pinot Grigio label

2022 Ramato of Pinot Grigio

Cameron Ramato takes its name from the Italian word Rame, which means copper.  Our beautiful copper-hued wine is made in the tradition of north-eastern Italy, where Pinot grigio is macerated on the skins for 4-5 […]

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2022 Giuliano label

2022 Giuliano

Giuliano, our traditional Friulian blend of 6 different varietals, is a wine of amazing complexity. It begins with hints of honeysuckle, jasmine, lemon meringue and the high tone of muscat on the nose…

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2022 Baird Sidra label

2022 Baird Sidra

Sidra is a traditional-style hard cider that originates from the Asturias region of Spain.  The apples for our sidra come from Baird Family Orchard in Dayton, Oregon.  Their apples are a complex assortment of Asturian […]

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2021 White Oak Pinot noir label

2021 White Oak Pinot noir

Introducing our first White Oak Vineyard designated Pinot noir from the Ribbon Ridge AVA. You know it’s Cameron, but it’s definitely also from a completely different appellation than the Dundee Hills…

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2021 Reserve Dundee Hills Pinot Noir label

2021 Reserve Dundee Hills Pinot Noir

This wine is a blend of barrels from each of our single-vineyard lots.  The winemaking technique is basically as follows:  Subtract 2 barrels from our Clos Electrique blend and 2 barrels from our Arley’s Leap […]

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2021 Clos Electrique Rouge label

2021 Clos Electrique Rouge

The Clos Electrique Rouge from 2021 is an astounding wine with notes of leather, porcini mushrooms, forest floor and a dose of plums bringing in the finish.  Its perfect silky mouth and a nice round […]

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2021 Clos Electrique Blanc label

2021 Clos Electrique Blanc

This delicious wine has aromatic notes of kaffir lime, lemon curd and brioche with background notes of coriander. When chilled, the mouth has a mineral quality which gives way to a bright grapefruit flavor as it warms…

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2021 Chardonnay Reserve Dundee Hills label

2021 Chardonnay Reserve Dundee Hills

Take one barrel of 2021 Clos Electrique Blanc and one barrel of 2021 Abbey Ridge Chardonnay, blend them together and voilà! 2021 Dundee Hills Reserve Chardonnay.

Aromas of citronella are guaranteed to keep mosquitos away […]

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2021 Abbey Ridge Pinot noir label

2021 Abbey Ridge Pinot noir

WOW is the descriptor that immediately comes to mind. A vivid dark ruby color, unusual for Abbey Ridge, is your first indication that this is something different.

The aromas are equally intense notes of black […]

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2021 Abbey Ridge Chardonnay label

2021 Abbey Ridge Chardonnay

Our Abbey Ridge Chardonnay is produced from 50 year-old vines, it’s Gen-X! Its Chablis-like character, austere minerality, aromatic notes of lime and a racing acidity in the mouth make this the perfect accompaniment for anything…

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2020 Julia Pinot noir label

2020 Julia Pinot noir

Our Julia Pinot noir is vinified from 40 year old vines located in a small block of Martin Ray Massale in the Abbey Ridge vineyard. It is is aged for two years in barrique with […]

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2019 Willamette Valley Nebbiolo label

2019 Willamette Valley Nebbiolo

Our Nebbiolo screams “Alto Piemonte!”.  It is a dead ringer for wines from Ghemme, Gattinara or Lussana.  With aromatics of dried cherries, sand on the teeth tannins and firm bright acidity, this is a great […]

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