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2019 Dundee Hills Chardonnay

A chardon that’ll give you a hardon, this delcious juice will rock your world. Does it have wood? Yes, a little bit. Does it have lees structure? You know it!! Does it have lovely aromatics […]

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2018 Arley’s Leap Pinot noir

Blended from four of our finest barrels of Pinot noir from the fabled Arley’s Leap Block at Abbey Ridge.  The vineyard,  comprised of the famous Martin Ray Clones, is named after Bill and Julia Wayne’s […]

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2016 Willamette Nebbiolo label

2016 Willamette Nebbiolo

Ready for a little trip to the northern Piedmont? This wine will take you there at a socially responsible distance!  Classic dried cherries, cloves and anise with warm uplift and the slightest sense of rose […]

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