Monday 5th Febraury 2024. Longtable tasting experience at Backcountry Wine Bar (2505 SE 11th Ave # 117, Portland).  6.30-8 pm, 6 wines being poured.  Limited to 32 guests.  $50

From John, May 9th, 2024

old vines, old wines & an old winemaker

One of the advantages of being an “old-timer” in the world of enology and viticulture is that our vines have aged along with me. It is a well known phenomenon in the world of wine that old vines tend to produce superior wine. A recent tasting of 18 vintages of Clos Electrique Blanc magnums proved that adage to be true! Overall, the consensus was that 8-14 years of aging seems to be the absolute “sweet spot” for this magnificent vineyard.

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