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I’m sure you remember my original rise to fame in 1997, when I launched my magazine of exquisite taste, Martha Cameron Living. But following some unfortunate “misunderstandings”, I found myself sojourning in charming West Virginia for a brief period of time. Luckily, I found the difference between curating my big house and the Big House to be minimum (security). While there, I perfected the craft of license plate manufacture and cuisine pénale as seen in Martha’s Restricted Living.

I have to admit that the years following my time in the Bastille weren’t easy, living dividend to dividend on re-posted seasonal cookie recipes, peddling Bic lighters & smoking blunts with Snoop, selling CBD-infused pâte de fruits and drinking low end Cameron Chardonnay.

But now at last, a second act! Last summer, I received a call from Sports Inebriated Magazine, and now histoire has been made by my appearance as the sexiest and oldest cover model in their Magazine!

Martha Cameron bares all at Cameron Wines!

I know, I’m fabulous! My vermeil tresses, my resplendent décolleté!

And now that I have your undivided attention, as the OG of influencers it’s only fitting that I influence your purchases for the upcoming holiday season.

November is a very important month here at my estate in the quaint hamlet of Dundee, Oregon. It’s when my minions rush to stow away the harvest equipment and start labeling our soon-to-be-released vin du pays. You can find my lovingly crafted Fall collection of wines here!

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