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Cameron Presents: the birds and the bees

It is said that healthy farms maintain a balance between plants and animals. Because of the birds and bees (and a few cloven hoofed species) our vineyard requires minimal input of nutrition from outside. This is in essence the definition of “sustainable.”

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On the cutting edge…

Pruning is one of the most important tasks that we accomplish each year in the vineyard. Nearly every day this time of year, we happily don rain gear and muck boots and march out to the vineyard to prune each vine according to its vitality, survey the vigor of the vineyard and identify areas that might need additional compost or specific cover crops. Actually the word “happily” might be a tad too positive on many days, perhaps best replaced by “determined”!
To read more and see a video by our friend Jeremy Fenske, click below…..

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Cameron Wines are gluten free!

In our world of increasingly diverse dietary requirements, questions are inevitably proffered regarding wine and its compatibility with specific eating regimes. Right off the front I would like to declare that Cameron wine (and all wine to my knowledge) is gluten-free! But what about the vegetarians and vegans? At Cameron Winery we do occasionally use egg whites obtained from chickens grown on our estate to fine various batches of Pinot noir. If you are an ovo vegetarian, dietary vegan or environmental vegan, drink our Pinot noir with gusto. Ethical vegans beware!

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Winter at Cameron

The dawn of the new year at Cameron finds white fermentations still eking out an existence and Pinot noir slumbering in the barrel and dreaming of springtime malolactic fermentations. But the real action this time of year is indubitably occurring in the vineyard!

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2011: not a half acid vintage

The first bulletins from our cellar, as we press off red fermenters and watch (and smell) barrels of white juice begin to turn into wine, point to a possible stellar vintage. Ripe flavors and aromas are unmistakably present in the developing wines. Due to continuing fermentations in the cellar for the next several weeks, carbon dioxide levels in the winery are dangerously high. Therefore WE WILL NOT BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON THANKSGIVING WEEKEND.

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Check out our video on VineStories

Vine Stories features short videos profiling artisan winemakers discussing their craft. Here is their piece on Cameron Winery.

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Whey to go!

When whey is diluted to approximately 10% with water it becomes a potent mildew-cide. I sprayed our goat whey on young grape clusters shortly after bloom, leaving a couple of rows untreated as my “controls”. The results are unmistakable: the goats are saving my ass from the ravages of mildew.

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Intro & main image

For more than a quarter century, we’ve coaxed Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Nebbiolo and more from two vineyards in the hills above Dundee, Oregon: Clos Electrique and Abbey Ridge Vineyard. What kind of scores […]

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