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Pruning is one of the most important tasks that we accomplish each year in the vineyard. Nearly every day this time of year, we happily don rain gear and muck boots and march out to the vineyard to prune each vine according to its vitality, survey the vigor of the vineyard and identify areas that might need additional compost or specific cover crops. Actually the word “happily” might be a tad too positive on many days, perhaps best replaced by “determined”!
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The Zen of Pruning

Pruning is the major endeavor occurring during winter in the vineyard.There are approximately 1500 vines per acre and 6 acres of vines at Clos Electrique. That’s 9000 vines that have to be properly groomed by the end of February.In the course of pruning, one enters a personal space of introspection and when it tacks toward seeking the truth, well, one has arrived at the Zen of pruning.

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