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2011: not a half acid vintage

The first bulletins from our cellar, as we press off red fermenters and watch (and smell) barrels of white juice begin to turn into wine, point to a possible stellar vintage. Ripe flavors and aromas are unmistakably present in the developing wines. Due to continuing fermentations in the cellar for the next several weeks, carbon dioxide levels in the winery are dangerously high. Therefore WE WILL NOT BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON THANKSGIVING WEEKEND.

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2011 gets its @#$% together!

On Oct 20, we picked our first grapes and now are seeing gorgeous Pinot noir filling our fermenters, Pinot noir with firm acidity and moderate sugars (hooray for 12.5% alcohols) and, wonder of wonders, ripe full flavors. Meanwhile the white grapes continue to sit in the vineyards, slowly losing acid and gaining complexity.

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“Outstanding” tickets on sale now

Tickets are on sale for our Outstanding In the Field Dinner Sunday July 3, 2011! Guest Chef Troy McLarty and his friend David Padberg of Park Kitchen will do the guest cheffing out at our place. Last season’s event was a lot of fun… Tickets will go fast, so don’t miss it!

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