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What’s for Dinner? Recipes for Jailbirds

Martha's Rustic Trap

A Handsome Holiday DishIt always happens on a clear day in the Fall with a nip in the air that reminds me that winter is on the way. The quiet is shattered by indistinct chattering and a few notes of song. I look out the cell window and see arrowwood viburnums in the exercise yard alive with cedar waxwings which will make this year’s holiday bird! To catch them you will need Martha’s rustic trap (demonstrated above). Materials include a bucket, string, piece of wood and a craft saw (useful for other projects as well). Try to bait the trap with tasty morsels such as sauteed polenta.

With little birds in hand (I like to be sure that I have at least one per serving with perhaps an extra one for Bubba to show him that I care), you will need to pluck those pesky feathers. Rub generously with olive oil and stuff with wild garlic. Now with legs jauntily askew our formerly feathered friends can dance festively on the grill. These little game birds will make a handsome holiday dish.

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