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Healthy Living: How to Fall Asleep

Exercise RegimenSleep deprivation can take quite a toll on your appearance: dark circles or puffiness around the eyes as well as a lackluster complexion, Insuring that you fall asleep and stay asleep is a little tricky when Bubba is on the lower bunk. First create a bedtime ritual that you and Bubba can follow every night. For some people reading in bed or listening to a little quiet Music lulls them to sleep. For Bubba it might require a big stick. If nighttime stress is still a problem, you can ensure that your sleeping environment is conducive to drifting off by keeping an electric stun gun stuffed under your mattress. This will persuade Bubba to obey his instincts somewhere other than in your bunk.
An exercise regimen will help reduce stress, one of the biggest causes of insomnia. Here Martha teaches her new friends how to bust out. Note that vertical stripes are more slimming.

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