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The Cunning Linguist

It’s time once again to test your grasp of euphemisms, idioms, malapropisms and abbreviations as they relate to wine, sex and carpentry.

Tongue in Groove

A)            An alternative to being nailed
B)            A taster who is guessing all wines correctly (also referred to behind his back
as a know-it-all)
C)            A 60’s expression for a singer who is giving a bitchin performance.

Butt Joint

A)            In human anatomy also referred as the sacroiliac
B)             The name of a new bar in Dundee
C)             Any joint made by fastening plates or bars together end to end


A)            A descriptor often given to very ripe Pinot noir.
B)            A wall which is exactly perpendicular or vertical.
C)            Full and rounded in form; Rubenesque


A)            A heart-rending children’s story about a bird who turns into a bar of soap.
B)            A projecting wedge-shaped part that fits into a corresponding space to form
an interlocking joint
C)            A wine which is blustering and warlike initially but has a gentle finish.

We would like to acknowledge the Scientific Staff at the Cameron Labs:

Investigators of the X-chromosome: Bill Hatcher, Bill Wayne, Matt Sage, John Thomas

Investigators of the Y-chromosome: Teii Wadsworth, Alice Goldstein

Gender test consultations: the “Staff”‘ at Tina’s in Dundee

Chief Scientist: John Paul

Calligraphy: Tawny Paul

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