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Lurid Salutations

In an attempt to balance the findings from the Human Genome Project, the scientific staff at Cameron Winery has recently completed an in-depth analvsis of the male (Y) and female (X) chromosomes. Our interest in this project was initiated by observations that men seem to have a propensity for “wine bore” – the ability to carry on endless conversation on all matters related to wine. While limited crossover of this trait has been noted in females’, it does appear to be strongly “Y-linked.” Concomitantly with this finding as well as others by the Cameron Labs, evidence appeared in other publications corroborating these observations. A summary of the current research is included for the personal edification of subscribers to the Cameron Newsletter. For Fine Arts majors and others who think themselves averse to anything scientific, the following short course should serve as evidence that a bit of’ the “scientist” lies within all of us (non sex-linked trait).

The "Y" Chromosome

In recent years, many geneticists have dismissed the “Y”‘ chromosome as a genetic junkpile (of course, the burgeoning number of women in science would have nothing to do with this point of view!). As you can see, the latest research from the Cameron Labs” conflicts with these earlier points of view and confers much information to the “Y” chromosome. Note, however that the “Y”‘ chromosome is a good deal shorter than the “X” chromosome, lending credence to the oft repeated concept that males are simpler creatures than are females, This may also account for the male obsession with “the length of things.”

The "X" Chromosome

In summary, guys are different from girls. Note that the upper part of the “X” chromosome is simply missing from the “Y” chromosome. This means that despite how frustrated women might get about dirty underwear thrown in the comer, pee on the toilet seat and lack of conversational foreplay, such things are just not programmed into men! That DNA was lost long ago. However, one should not despair. There are many points of compatibility between the two genes. For example, “The look” counterbalances “lame excuses” While “ability to ask directions” necessarily follows “ability to read maps.” And then there is …. as well as…


I   L. Raburn             Private Communication
2  J. Gitschier             Science 261: 1 (1993)

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