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The Inside Story on Royal Split

After receiving a highly low rating from Robert Parker, Andy and Fergie decided to call it quits. After reading that his marriage was young and unevolved, the royal hubby was described as “long in the mouth” and “bitter with harsh overtones.” Fergie huffed that she was not interested in continuing in a marriage which though rich, was lacking in definition and character.

It was purported that the main Beaune of contention in the royal post-marital squabbles involved who was going to get the Cameron nonvintage Pinot Noir. So cut him a little slack, Fergie; there’ll be plenty more later this year!

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Vinfolk (2015)

On a sunlit day in September, the Cameron Winery Vinfolk gathered in our bucolic vineyard to share stories, break bread and explore the nuances of Pinot noir…

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Drop kick our vacation (2013)

Did you know that you can give us money? And then we can do whatever we want with it? Man, is this a great country, or what?!

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A Year in the Making (2012)

A Year in the Making is a Cameron Winery propaganda film that condenses 12 months in the Clos Electrique vineyard into 12 minutes. Produced by Jeremy Fenske and Elaine Skinner, it stars the grand crew and farm animals of vintage 2012.

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