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Ask Dr. Cameron

Q: What is a semi-conductor and why do we even need them? -Madge

A: Full-fledged conductors are expensive. Some musical scores only require a small orchestra, in which case a less expensive semi-conductor is perfectly adequate. Semi-conductors only become full-fledged conductors after completing the circuit.

Q: Why is raw milk cheese better than pasteurized? -Elsie the Cow

A: It’s true that cheese made from raw milk really does tend to taste better (or at least more complex) than that made from the pasteurized stuff. The answer lies in those wild microbes present in raw milk which are killed by pasteurization. After pasteurizing, milk must be inoculated with the proper bacteria in order to facilitate processing into cheese. These latter bacteria, which have been carefully selected by huge corporate labs, just don’t have the same outlook on life as the wild and crazy guys in raw milk. It’s kind of like wine, Elsie-a wild yeast fermentation is comprised of a very heterogeneous population which therefore imparts a wider array of flavors and aromas than does a single yeast-type from inoculation.

Q: Why are so many people concemed about nitrates? -Tawny

A: For those of us who need to watch our pennies, the cost of using the phone is a big consideration. That’s why I ¬†always try to call my mommy after 11p.m. on weekdays or on Saturdays.


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