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The Cameron Cunning Linguist

In response to reader demand we present a new column for your personal edification. In this issue we cover a host of technical terms often tossed around indiscriminately by winemakers. If you get stuck, just ask Dr. Cameron-he has a PhD in science!


A) Greek porn queen
B) Serious stomach ailment
C) Name of a new California winery
D) Fruit fly


A) Military academv for dropouts
B) Household appliance
C) When the color turns to … uh, oh


A) Modern teen expression as in ‘Totally acid, man!”
B) Rainfall in Eastern Canada
C) The total acid content of a solution (e.g., wine), normally measured by titration with standard sodium hydroxide.
D) Heavy-metal group


A) Must pump for cows
B) Flatulence in winged honey-making insect
C) Warm-up singer for Meatloaf


A) Speech defect
B) Horse-drawn carriage with fringe on top
C) Thin mixture of water and insoluble material such asbentonite or diatomaceous earth.


A) Rapidly revolving breasts
B) A machine used to per-form titrations
C) A machine used to measure laughter


A) Marie and Pierre Curie
B) The Concorde
C) Well-mannered Parisian
D) Marketing scam to sell more red wine


The Cunning Unguist,
C/O Cameron Winery,
P.O. Box 27,
Dundee, OR 97115.

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