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Cameron Swimsuit Issue! (2023)

Last summer, I received a call from Sports Inebriated Magazine, and now histoire has been made …

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Cameron makes it big (2021)

[our November 2021 e-newsletter]

Dear Cameron Winery Enthusiast,

You know how important marketing is to a winery. We certainly do, as you can tell from the flood of one newsletter we create every year (psst: […]

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The Cave of Fermented Dreams (2019)

In a not-so-remote valley in Northern Oregon, four intrepid explorers discovered a hidden treasure…

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Vinfolk (2015)

On a sunlit day in September, the Cameron Winery Vinfolk gathered in our bucolic vineyard to share stories, break bread and explore the nuances of Pinot noir…

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Drop kick our vacation (2013)

Did you know that you can give us money? And then we can do whatever we want with it? Man, is this a great country, or what?!

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A Year in the Making (2012)

A Year in the MakingĀ is a Cameron Winery propaganda film that condenses 12 months in the Clos Electrique vineyard into 12 minutes. Produced by Jeremy Fenske and Elaine Skinner, it stars the grand crew and farm animalsĀ of vintage 2012.

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Yamhill Car and Driver Road Test

A Porsche is:
a. something you sit on with your rocking chair
b. Russian soup
c. somebody’s wife in British sit-com
d. a furrin car

To Backfire is:
a. different […]

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Cameron XJ Crusher Sporte Coupe

The Cameron XJ Crusher was designed to meet or surpass the very discriminating taste of car buyers in the Dundee Hills. The first thing you notice when slipping into the cockpit, is the simplicity of […]

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Comparison Test: Grape Bin Transporters

Here are the candidates for Yamhill County Car & Driver’s cornhole award for the best GBT of 2003. Every year our staff gets peppered with the question: “What’s the best GBT?” Because we […]

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