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The Weakly Dining Guide

When it comes to fine dining, true connoisseurs know there are only two things that really matter: plate presentation and extremely long titles for dishes. That is why this week we are visiting “La Casa […]

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You boarded the Max train by Pioneer Square last Thursday afternoon at three p.m. Silky, long brown hair, blues eyes, tri-tone beige eye shadow, medium light foundation, Frosted Berry Bon Bon lip […]

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The Focuser

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Crossword Puzzle

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1. Vineyard overlooking Papists
6. Attaches grape to vine, must be removed to prevent wine from smelling like the back of an LA […]

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Redefining Success: Finding Hope in a Downward Slope

If this venture doesn’t work out for you, consult these other popular titles in our portfolio:

1) Don’t Quit your Day Job for Dummies
2) Bankruptcy for Dummies
3) How to Recover From […]

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This is not nearly as difficult as some people want to make it. Surely some people look at direct costs into their wine, and divide fixed costs by the number cases produced to arrive at […]

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Managing Your Fame

Dress the part; never be seen or photographed without a fleece vest bearing your name. Really tight jeans are macho (even if you’re a woman). Become a patron of the Theatre or Symphony.


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Making the Wine

Actually, making the wine isn’t so important. Let’s get back to marketing and image making.

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Any savvy businessman knows that the success of your business depends on image, not the quality of your product. Therefore: lots of caps, T-shirts, fleece and engraved wine glasses with your logo. Key chains are […]

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How to Name Your Winery

The first line of business in creating a successful winery is coming up with a name. There are a number of useful strategies in this regard for […]

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