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Wines for the Fully Functional Babe Lair

1998 Another California Merlot: If this wine makes you want to spew, try one of our other fabulous choices below.

Y2K Price: 1 can Alpo

1998 Giuliano. Italian-style Chardonnay from the Vigna Eletrico. Most excellent label and if you missed the Giovanni, here’s your chance to redeem yourself.

$15/bottle $160/case
Y2K case price: Flock of chickens

1997 Eugenia. Totally amazing botrytisized wine made from 36″ Brix grapes, fermented for 18 months (at which point the yeasts decided they were not worthy) and finished at 10.5% alcohol and 15% residual sugar.

$25/bottle (500ml)
Y2K case price: 1 tank of propane

1997 Brickhouse Pinot noir. Sundrenched grapes from the Brickhouse Vineyard always make intense red wine. And this is certified organic and made without added sulfites. Limited.

$20/bottle $26/case
Y2K case price: 2 pigs

1997 Arley’s Leap Pinot noir. From Abbey Ridge Vineyard, ripe cherries in the aroma, pretty and soft. Most excellent wine for the short term and you will note that the price has not leaped!

$20/bottle $216/case
Y2K Case Price: 1.5 cords wood

1997 Abbey Ridge Chardonnay. Formerly called “Reserve,” as if that means anything anymore. This may be the best offering yet from this stellar vineyard…hints of rosemary mingle with whiffs of vanilla. Left 20 months in the barrel on the yeast.

$30/bottle $320/case
Y2K Case Price: 1 wheel Parmigliano

1997 Abbey Ridge Pinot noir. Ethereal and complex and most definitely on your want list, this quintessential Abbey Ridge will age gracefully in your cellar. Showing the best finish of all the ’97s.

$30/bottle $320/case
Y2K Case Price: Leg of wild boar Prosciutto

1997 Clos Electrique Blanc. For those who know about the Blanc from this vineyard, nothing more needs to be said. Yes, it’s made from Chardonnay, seven different clones and, yes, it’s very good. Schwingerific. Very limited.

$35/bottle $375/case
Y2K Case Price: Grandfather or cuckoo clock

1997 Clos Electrique Rouge. Earthy, smokey, black fruit notes and intense upfront flavors. A good showing for Clos Electrique and, as always, small yields mean few bottles.

$35 bottle $375 case
Y2K Case Price: 1 year supply viagra or prozac

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