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Casual Country Living

Casual Country LivingWayne and Garth demonstrate the penultimate line of our Fall/Winter casual country attire:

THE DUNDEE JEAN JACKET. Sandblasted cuffs and washed while stoned, this attractive and excellent all cotton denim serves as the workhorse of a Fall wardrobe (Oh yes, it can be yours).

THE YAMHILL RUNABOUT. Forged from durable steel, this classic could be a “must” after January 1. Totally amazing and Y2K compliant. Supplies limited.

THE MILLENNIUM JACKET. Gopher suede jacket puts the fur against the skin where it softly caresses…professionally clean only. Perfect for your next babefest.

BACKWOODS CHAINSAW. For arresting errant shrubbery, Garth’s chainsaw is a welcome addition to any social gathering. Guaranteed to help pick up fabulous backwoods babes…schwing!

Dundee Jean Jacket $599

The Yamhill Runabout $1,499

The Millenium Jacket $999

Backwoods Chainsaw $1,199

Millenium Mud Buster


Prickly as a porcupine and certainly an attractive addition to any front porch, the most excellent “Millenium Mud Buster” is guaranteed to clean those grimmy wellies or destroy them in the process.

Millenium Mud Buster $149


Vineyard cuttings are normally a pain to dispose of, however, a stroke of culinary genius by a California cooking catalog allows us to now get rid of the clippings and make money at the same time! These excellent sticks were gleaned from Clos Electrique and are guaranteed not to have been peed upon by either the winemaker or his dog. At Plow and Garth we believe that you have the innate intelligence to go out and find your own recipes so none are included.

Wine Vines $7.50

Party on at the Poolside


The ideal summer sctting includes a babe-a-licious galvanized pool. Load up a tray with Cameron Pinot noir and some hors d’cevres and head on out to the pool for an afternoon in the sun (in Oregon? As if). Also doubles as a trash receptacle or hockey rink.

Galvanized pool & deck $2,999

Dundee Jardiniere Buckets


Made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene, these attractive modern versions of old fashioned pails have a myriad of uses: turned upside down over your head, you can hear the ocean; they also hold dirt and water. Garth likes to paint the lids in bright colors to accent his babe lair.

8 Excellent Pails $159

Palais de Toilette Exterior


A 1989 design from SE Foster and 122nd Ave., this rustic refuge from the pressures of life is roomy enough to accommodate magazines and a cell phone. Offers a safe, dry place for contemplation as well as a great place to play hide and seek. Roof, walls and door (optional) screw together in a few hours (and a monkey might fly out of my butt). Farmer’s Almanac included. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery – not!

Toilette Exterior (72″ high, 60″ deep, 40″ wide) $6,969
Door (68″ high, 25″ wide) $200

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