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The Cunning Linguist

This issue of natty and nifty enological and viticultural terminology was submitted by Giuseppi Tomas.


A) Erogenous area just north of the G-spot

B) Name of recent vice-presidential candidate

C) Oxygen compound in our upper atmosphere which absorbs UV thereby protecting grapevines from harmful radiation.


A) Low-growing shrub; related to hemlock but found only at Cameron Winery.

B) Type of hose-fitting

C) Legendary Polish hideout of King Arthurski and Knights of the octagonal table; 70 km est of Krakow.

D) Short for :Camouflaged-Lockable Access System; an item positioned above door handles on military installations.


A) “Little P.T.O.” popular 60’s recoridng by the Beach Boys

B) Yasir Arafat splinter group

C) Abbreviation of Phlegmish Theological Organization, an association of evangelical broadcasters based in Macon, Ga.

D) Shaft you connect your rototiller to

E) Praise The Officer of the Guard, non-syndicated prison talk show hosted by Jim Baker

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