2020 Dundee Hills Chardonnay

This delicious chardonnay is a blend of grapes from Abbey Ridge and Clos Electrique vineyards, deeming it worthy of the Dundee Hills appellation.

It displays aromas of vanilla, lime leaf and lemon crème brûlée in […]

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2017 Willamette Nebbiolo

Our 2017 Nebbiolo screams “Alto Piemonte!”.  It is a dead ringer for wines from Ghemme, Gattinara or Lussana.  With aromatics of dried cherries, sand on the teeth tannins and firm bright acidity, this is a […]

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2019 Reserve Dundee Hills Pinot noir

Our 2019 Reserve Dundee Hills Pinot noir is predominantly from Abbey Ridge Vineyard with a kiss of  Clos Electrique.   2019 produced wines with low alcohol (12-13%) which means that the aromatics are extremely accessible.  The […]

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2019 Reserve Dundee Hills Chardonnay

Take one barrel of 2019 Clos Electrique Blanc and one barrel of 2019 Abbey Ridge Chardonnay, blend them together and voilà! 2019 Dundee Hills Reserve Chardonnay.

Aromas of kefir lime leaf dominate the aromatics of […]

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Poiré 2020

The second bottling of our inaugural foray into cider, Poiré, is a pear cider (or perry) made from special European pear varieties cultivated specifically for making delicious booze. The perry trees in this bottling were […]

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Cidre 2020

Our newest fermentation endeavor is this fabulous dry cider inspired by ciders from Asturias, Switzerland and France. 2020 cidre is made from a selection of predominantly sharp and some bitter and fancifully named apple varieties […]

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2019 Dundee Hills Pinot noir

September 2019 was cool and rainy, so the fruit was allowed to hang sufficiently long to achieve optimal ripening without high sugars.  The result is a low alcohol wine which allows the gorgeous aromas of […]

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2020 Ramato

From the remarkable 2020 vintage, this is our best Ramato ever!  Skirting the knife edge between seed tannin and color, we have achieved a wine wine with perfect structure, the color of light color and […]

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2020 Spritz Rose

All the folks in Oregon
Love to drink the Cameron
Kick their legs up in the air
Shake, shake, shake their derriere
If you buy the Cameron brand
You can […]

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2020 Giovanni

Our 2020 Giovanni Pinot blanc is an indicator of what an incredible vintage 2020 is going to be.  It’s really really good this year and at $18 bottle, we may just drink it all ourselves.  […]

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