Spritz Rose | Cameron Winery, Dundee Oregon

Spritz Rose

Here is a review from one of our satisfied customers:

“Thank you so much for a trendy gift! I heard about canned wine on the radio a few days ago.  I am one of those silly old fashioned people who like a wine bottle with cork, wine in the can would be a way to go.
Wine on ice? I decided to follow your directions, but wonder why; why can’t I just refrigerate it and just drink it out of the can? When I poured it out in the glass, it was bubbly which I did not expect, but it calmed down quickly. It positively did not taste like red, but bitter white like with a hint of fizzy touch. I could be biased drinking it from the can, and the color was reddish light brown, I could not tell what I was tasting, so I checked the information on the can; Rosé, it makes sense. After finishing it all, no, I did not gulp it, I was completely drunk and knocked out.”

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