Poiré 2020 | Cameron Winery, Dundee Oregon

Poiré 2020

The second bottling of our inaugural foray into cider, Poiré, is a pear cider (or perry) made from special European pear varieties cultivated specifically for making delicious booze. The perry trees in this bottling were planted by the legendary Alan Foster 30 years ago, down the hill from the cider apples at White Oak Orchard on Ribbon Ridge. These ancient pear cultivars are christened with fanciful eccentric names such as Barland, Brandy, Gin, Thorn, Winnals Longdon, and Yellow Huffcap. High in tannin, acid and sugar, perry pears acquire many of the same characteristics as wine grapes, producing a beverage with acidity, high tannin and beautiful aromatics.
Cameron Poire has a  pretty, floral, pear blossom aromatics, not too dissimilar to a really good pinot-blanc with a little funky ‘je ne sais quoi.’
Once in the mouth, our perry is a whole new beast. Its a structured drink in the palate, making it able to pair with fatty, earthy foods such as unpasteurized cheese, grass- finished beef or Bellota ham.

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