2022 Baird Sidra | Cameron Winery, Dundee Oregon

2022 Baird Sidra

Sidra is a traditional-style hard cider that originates from the Asturias region of Spain.  The apples for our sidra come from Baird Family Orchard in Dayton, Oregon.  Their apples are a complex assortment of Asturian varieties such as Coloradona, Piel de Sapa, Repanaldo do Liebana, and Solarina.

It was finished in neutral Pinot noir barrels in order to resemble a true dry Asturian sidra and its aromas are redolent with brilliant apple blossom and rose petal.  When poured from a distance into the glass it yields a light pétillant carbonation which slowly dissipates over time.

The Drosophila on the label, a nod to our constant companions during fermentation, was drawn by John’s mom Eugenia in 1936 when she was a scientific illustrator for Alfred Sturtevant in the genetics department at Cal Tech.

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