2021 Dundee Hills Pinot noir

A deep ruby, which belies intensity. Certain of a high ratio of skin to juice. The tears are persistent and thick. This is a warm vintage by appearance alone.
First and foremost bing cherry. Maybe a little stewed. Accentuated by a cocoa nib base note. Straw and sandalwood.  Turkish fig, iodine and boysenberry. Ferrous on the nose, I want to say blood.  A back note of sage and come with me on this one, nasturtium.
Cherry juice, but also shows more levity, and pushes closer to ripe hood strawberry on the palette. You know, when hoods get a little nasty, and are like ripe jam fireworks on the tongue? That.  Also library chair leather, candied orange rind, lavender, soft tannins, that roll across the tongue.
Pretty good!
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