2018 Abbey Ridge Pinot noir | Cameron Winery, Dundee Oregon

2018 Abbey Ridge Pinot noir

As always, Cameron’s Abbey Ridge Pinot Noir is complete and complex.  When this vineyard was planted nearly45 years ago, it was comprised of the 2 best clones available, Wadenswil & Pommard.  Over the years we have gravitated to favoring the portion made from the Wadenswil as the centerpiece of this wine.  But in 2018, a single small fermenter from the Pommard block produced absolutely extraordinary wine.  So we pivoted to that clone as our centerpiece.  While this vintage offers Abbey Ridge’s calling card of complex aromatics of violets, dark cherry, earth and game, it delivers strength and richness beyond what is typical for Abbey Ridge.    Texturally this wine is nothing short of amazing.  Please note that we selected the 2018 blend from a smaller sampling of barrels which means that it is in short supply.
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