2016 Rouge de Gris | Cameron Winery, Dundee Oregon

2016 Rouge de Gris

This is an unusual wine inspired by the Radikon family, who live on the Italian/Slovenian border.  It is made from extremely ripe Pinot gris grapes, which are fermented 2-3 weeks on the skin, then aged for 2 years in neutral barrique.  The result is a delightful light red wine that should be served chilled.

We would like to excerpt a comment from a friend that we gave a bottle of Rouge de Gris to:  “I had the red wine you gave me at room temperature.  The bitterness, I do not know how else to describe it, was so strong that it shocked me.  The aftertaste, though, gradually expanded into a pleasant flavor.  It was as if I met somebody for the first time and did not have a positive initial impression, but as I got to know him/her, I loved to enjoy his/her quality.”

We hope you try it and make a new friend!


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