2014 Rouge de Gris | Cameron Winery, Dundee Oregon

2014 Rouge de Gris

We are proud to present 2014 Rouge de Gris, our newest red wine!   This wine is dedicated to the late Stanko Radikon and his son, Saša of Radikon Oslavia, who made us  realize the potential locked up in the Pinot gris grape. Its nose is respendent with juicy strawberries, bing cherries, violets and a touch of straw. The crisp palate with flavors of umami and ripe and supple fruit tannins make this a truly quaffable red wine.   The label honors the Italian plums that were planted on the site by early Oregon settlers prior to its current status as a Pinot gris vineyard at Abbey Ridge.  We wish that David Lett were here to see what is possible with Pinot gris!


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