2009 Reserve Dundee Hills Pinot noir

This wine is a blend of elegant barrels from each of our single-vineyard lots.  The technique is basically as follows:  subtract 2 barrels from the Clos Electrique blend and 2 from the Arley’s Leap group;  emphasize the Wadenswil block in the Abbey Ridge cuvee thereby cutting adrift several barrels from the Pommard section; come to the realization that the Gehrts Vineyard was always better in a blend than standing alone and, voila, the 2009 Reserve Dundee Hills Pinot noir is born!  As with the single-vineyard cuvees, all of the various lots were aged for nearly 2 years in small-oak barriques in the confines of Cameron’s cellar which remains at a perfect 57 degrees F throughout the year.

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