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buying Cameron Wines

A MODERATELY EXPENSIVE BOTTLE OF CAMERON WINE CAN MAKE ANY TABLE SETTING SHINE. They can be purchased at wine shops, singly or in units of 12. Alternatively, you might select the winery, itself, for a direct purchase. Mix varieties to enliven meals or simply buy your favorite.

The following wines will impress your friends as they lighten your bank accounts at the same time:


While this vintage is not a standout for the region as a whole, it was possible to make very good Pinot noir if one paid careful attention to exposing fruit in the vineyard to sun and air during the growing season and further if fruit was carefully sorted during the picking and destemming process. The Willamette Valley appellation from Cameron emanates from three vineyards which did pay attention to the proper details. It was aged in barrel for 20 months so that, as with all of Cameron’s Pinot noirs, it is not rolling in gobs of fruit but is, instead, spicy and elegant as we believe Pinot noir should be.

$15 per bottle or $160 per case


This young, organically-grown vineyard is already making its mark on the wine-world. Rarely cultivated and struggling for existence, Brickhouse Pinot noir produces robust, richly-colored wine. A beautiful cinnamon-like aroma dominates. Since the antioxidant levels in this wine are typically high enough to protect it from any significant oxidation, we decided to make it without added sulfites.

$19.50 per bottle or $210 per case


Simply put, one of the loveliest, most elegant wines to come off of this vineyard in any vintage. The ’95 Abbey Ridge is a burgundy-lover’s dream. Its seamless texture and lavender aromas can’t help but make you smile. And I will admit that I am surprised-the fruit was ugly and the fermentation a bit fast-but out of the Fire a Phoenix has emerged!

$28.00 per bottle or $300 per case


A mere barrel of fabulous Abbey Ridge Pinot noir was produced by my daughter from the ’95 vintage. It is very good most likely because she is very lucky (she also works very hard at everything she does so she deserves to be lucky!). Tawny is 15; Tawny will be going to college in a couple of years; Tawny needs your support to do this. Help Tawny – buy this wine!

$30.00 per bottle or $324 per case


Until I produce a nebbiolo, you can assume that the fruit in the Clos Electrique Rouge is Pinot noir. This was a very difficult vintage for this vineyard – a dry north wind dehydrated part of the fruit just before harvest and then rain damaged another part-so we carefully picked the two-acre vineyard over two days, leaving everything except the very best fruit to produce two barrels of wine. The wine is pretty typical for this vineyard- rich and meaty with smoky overtones -and, of course, it is extremely limited. Available only while supplies last.

$30.00 per bottle or $324 per case


If 1995 was difficult for red grapes, it was comparatively easy for the whites and produced some amazing wines for the vintage.  The ’95 Reserve Chardonnay from Cameron came entirely from the Abbey Ridge Vineyard, was fermented in barrel and left off the yeast lies (sediment) for 20 months. This produced a richly elegant wine with wonderful texture and a long bready finish. It will come into its own next year but you can drink it now if you can’t wait that long.

$28.00 per bottle or $300 per case


A great vineyard with Multiple clones of Chardonnay, a great white wine vintage and a long enough time in barrel to allow it to all come together (18 months sur lies) and, voila, the closest thing to a Cote de Beaune lookalike that I have produced yet. Clos Electrique is always limited (this portion of the vineyard is only 13/4 acres) so we can obviously sell it only while supplies last!

$30 per bottle or $324 per case

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