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The Art Advisor

One evening over a bottle (or two) of wine, it appeared to our collective consciousness that the wonderful back-to-school grading system used to evaluate wine might work equally well with works of art. We have therefore selected a few well-known pieces to review. All of the descriptions used here have been taken entirely from well-known wine publications.


REUBENS "The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus": Round, supple, immediately appealing with a cascade of plump varietal fruit apparent; more open and accessible than most. 90


WHISTLER "Arrangement in Black and Gray: The Artist's Mother": Thin and hardedged, austere, dry, forceful personality, not likely to soften with age. 58

GAINESBOROUGH “Mrs. Siddons”: Stylish, opulent, quite feminine (probably with a lovely Cote de Baune perfume); ringer for a rich Meursault from France.             89

BOTTICELLI “The Birth of Venus”: A perfect match with scallops; voluptuous and smooth with golden highlights; young but surprisingly charming at an early age.  86

da VINCI “Mon Lisa”: Thin in the mouth, elusive, no legs.             72

MICHELANGELO “David”: Robust, full bodied with a little nutty character and plenty of length.             92

VAN GOGH “Sunflowers”: Crisp, bright, flowery bouquet, great color but overpriced. 81

ROSSEAU “The Dream”: Indescribable complexity of an exotic nature; gamey, exhibiting ripe cherry with full body and soft texture; tropical nuances but a bit green.             82

MILLET “The Gleaners”: Seems to suffer from the shortcomings of the vintage.  64

MAPLETHORPE Current Exhibit: Penetrating, long in the mouth.             69

ESCHER “Metamorphosis”: Multilayered and complex; this one definitely evolves. 83

PICASSO “Guernica”: Bitter, angular and heady; misses the mark with its one-dimensional character. 72

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