2019, A Treasured Vintage

From John, November 10th, 2021

Every so often a vintage comes along which exceeds in quality everything around it.  Often it doesn’t overtly show itself but only waits until the wines slowly mature in the cellar.  There are often no clear indicators, no flashing lights, no obvious charms.  But once it starts to reveal itself, there is no doubt of its authenticity.  2019 is such a vintage.

The summer had its heat spells but was generally fairly benign.  The fall arrived with cool temperatures and intermittent rainy weather, which slowed down the process of harvest.  And that was likely the hidden gift.  When the fruit is able to hang longer without losing acidity or taking on excessive sugar, that is a gift from above.  And such an event is woefully very rare.  At the time, I remember being far more worried about the wet fruit and muddy conditions in the vineyard than I was cognizant that this could be something truly special.

But special it is and these wines are not to be missed.  Virtually every producer has something nice to sell.  When you factor in the age of our vines from both Abbey Ridge (45 years) and Clos Electrique (37 years), the resultant wines become magic.

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2019, A Treasured Vintage

Every so often a vintage comes along which is so special that it is not to be missed. 2019 was one of those years!

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