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It’s an affliction that strikes without warning; one minute you’re enjoying an unpretentious little Burgundy, discussing the finer points of its terroir; the next minute you’re contracting for a small lot of grapes and bidding […]

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The Cunning Linguist

It’s time once again to test your grasp of euphemisms, idioms, malapropisms and abbreviations as they relate to wine, sex and carpentry.

Tongue in Groove

A)            An alternative to being nailed
B)            A taster […]

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Ask Dr. Cameron

Dear Dr. Cameron: Why can one find “Burgundy” in the Random House Dictionary concise edition while “Bordeaux,” which ought to appear between Borax and Bordello, is nowhere to be found?

Perplexed […]

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Cameron Gender Text

As a service to you our readers, we at Cameron Winery have devised a gender test to assist you on those difficult days when you wake up asking yourself “Who am 1?” or, More Succinctly, […]

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Lurid Salutations

In an attempt to balance the findings from the Human Genome Project, the scientific staff at Cameron Winery has recently completed an in-depth analvsis of the male (Y) and female (X) chromosomes. Our interest in […]

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Vin du pays (Wine you can buy)

November has become Cameron’s traditional month for initial release of our “Vin creme de la creme” (i.e., the good stuff). It is at this time that you can taste and Purchase our best Chardonnav and […]

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Fall Releases

The yield was a scant 1 ton per acre so the quantity produced is miniscule but I think that it is my best effort for this variety to date. This wine […]

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Buying Cameron Wines

A bottle of Cameron wine can make any table setting shine. You can purchase these gems at wine shops, singly or in units of 12. Alternatively, you might select the winery, itself, for a direct […]

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